Nuance is Sexy: Normalizing Complexity

When did life get so complicated?

Cliché, also maybe a little hollow coming from a kid, but true.

Seriously, it seems like the days you could just idle and relax after work don’t just belong to a bygone era — they were just always a figment of our imagination.

I’d watch that movie.

We live in strange, uncertain times. Subsequently, we live in an age of digital connectivity, which means daily screaming. Screams from the left, right, up, down, domestic, abroad. Everywhere.

There’s a lot of noise and a lot to learn if you are unfamiliar with the terroir of whatever the latest issue is. That’s a huge burden for you, person who also has other life to live and things to do.

What happened to when leaders led and decision-makers decided — without the onus being shifted back to the public? Isn’t that why we elected them? Isn’t that why they are in those positions, to make the hard choices and instill confidence?

It seems, just like any other time in history, that the actions of the public carry an undue amount of weight going forward. It appears to be our responsibility, now, to grasp the complexities we were much happier delegating to someone else.

Who are we supposed to rely on anymore?

After decades of trusting authority with a ‘Leave It to Beaver’ wistfulness, we’re in the biggest mess we’ve had in recent memory. We’ve learned time and time again what happens when we allow ourselves to be deceived by simple rhetoric and suspiciously rehearsed explanation.

Politicians offering legislation to pacify the public: no dice. Partisan talking heads simply shifting blame to another party: not this time.

It is on us to act with caution and constantly be looking for a fine print, and ascertain that there are no absolutes. The world of definitive good, bad, right, wrong is significantly more murky.

Maybe life was always this complicated, we just had the luxury of not knowing. If that’s the case, perhaps the root of our problems can be traced to such cavalier simplification.

The truth is that we know better now. The bolder truth is that we have collectively known better but haven’t acted until there was nowhere else to run, hide, and further evade the complication.

It is a shared burden to move cautiously, inspect tediously, and constantly wonder ‘this can’t be all that’s to the story’. If something seems to good to be true, which has been for some time now, we need to investigate.

This is our cross to bear, and I honestly think we can do it — together.

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