He takes a deep inhale
She swivels her head, glancing over at the anxious face inches away
She rests her head on his shoulder
He leans his head on hers, soothing her clasped hands

Lights flash in and out from a window to their right
Two solemn bodies in a dark empty room
She nudges her head deep into his chest
He wraps his arms firmly around her and kisses the top of her head

He takes a deep inhale
And swivels the lit cigarette between his fingers
The night is quiet, except for the hum of a car he leans on
His posture is stiff, only slightly loosened by his weariness

Cars whirr by on the open desert road
He stares up at the boundless night sky
Whisps of smoke kiss and diverge at the tip of his nose
He flicks the cigarette and tucks his hands into his pockets

Another inhale
A beep emits from a nearby machine
He lets out a slight sigh, followed by a fatigued grin
He stares out a window, sunlight softened by the flittering leaves

Muffled footsteps echo the sterile hallway
He swivels his head and rests it on his own shoulder
Komorebi dance on his closed eyelids
His grin endures

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