The best sandwich

Clearly, I am going to eschew my opinion into the sea of twitter-ready fingers prepared to eviscerate my preferred carbohydrate enveloped champion.

The best sandwich — is the BLT.

At its soul, the sandwich is a vessel of texture. Autumn crisp bacon, market-fresh lettuce, toasty bread, a tomato, and silken mayonnaise.

The core of a BLT is self-referential. Nothing to wrack your brain, call your ex and flicker the lights 30 times over.

Bacon, lettuce, and tomato — yes, but also bread and mayo. Those are the 5 holy pillars an evangelical sandwich artist may build his or her church.

What may cause controversy, in otherwise a benign flag of timelessness, is to what extent people disfigure each element. In essence, doing what you can to make a listless entity that is the BLT, your own:

Variations in bacon crackle, genus of lettuce, textural tomato composition, Hellman’s or aioli, and the appropriate bread to house them.

Those creative liberties, more-or-less, get to the same iterative rendition of a familiar 5 chord song.

When my mind wanders into ’60’s movie theater projector flickering nostalgia mode,’ my idyllic BLT flashes each simple ingredient.

Two half-inch slices of sourdough lightly toasted, crunchy peppery bacon that wafts the spirit of non-kosher goodness on a cool, refreshing bed of shredded iceberg.

Shingled medium-sliced heirloom tomatoes provide much needed juice and liquid diversity. Tomatoes are very much the tertiary character, though important, not the thesis. (nice.)

This where my boujee-ness rears its fabulous head- I’m going with aioli, preferably with dijon, dill, chives, and lemon juice for brightness.

BLT’s can be needlessly extravagant or represent lunch-pail desperation- though I’d argue the simplicity of those ingredients create a concoction worth raving. A C-list ensemble that creates a sandwich that punches well above its weight class.

If any metaphor feels more righteous, this sandwich is the platonic ideal of America. It is the lump sum of diversified ingredients, whose Voltron-level assembly creates a collective stronger than any of its civilian components.

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