Oddities of Opinion

Opinions are weird, especially now with the internet.

Information zips millions of times today and how we approach gathering it has been an interesting progression.

It went from being able to share your thoughts with complete strangers to making small communities with dedicated like-minded ideals.

However, that’s where the problem exists.

With all these niche groups across the internet, there’s really no need to go out of your comfort zone and listen to opinions from people you might not agree with.

We don’t want to hear anyone disagree with us anymore, going out of our way to find people that yes-man us.

It’s crazy. Members of groups act like white-blood cells and attack whatever they deem to be a threat to their makeshift communities.

I’m not saying that we have to sit down and hold one another’s hands, sing kumbayah, and talk about our feelings -but wouldn’t it be nice if we weren’t so concerned with pigeonholing our own thoughts to people that tell you what you want to hear?

Funny how the internet came from a place to connect and unify and progressed to groups of people often more divided than ever.  We don’t want to try too many different things because they’re scary or threaten a perceived identity we have. 

I mean- why would we when we can observe passively in the corner and pass judgment.

How’re you ever possibly going to grow as a person if you’re staying placated in a happy bubble for the rest of your life?  You need a little shake-up to spur growth.

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