Context Culture

The reality of cancel culture having not fully run its course still boggles me. That is to say, the movement doesn’t surprise me, if anything, it is welcome and has been a long time coming.

We’re finally holding people accountable for their perceived misdeeds and social aberrations. Though, as more civilians and bystanders are skewered, the social witch hunt has reached the point of dis-ingenuity.

We have hit a critical mass where it appears we are rushing to collectively over-correct years long tolerance of misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia, and the like, in the shortest amount of time possible.

The transition in acceptable behavior and latitude given has diminished to the thickness of handcuffs.

Nuance is currently a premium that is rarely taken into account. The immediate gut impact of outrage appears to drive actions taken on a whim.

Impatient frustration has spiraled into social currency. (I don’t want to challenge everyone and yell social outrage is a farce but I’m reluctant to believe people are as genuinely insulted than is perceived)

Outcasting someone as a pariah easily excuses yourself from a very real and ugly visceral emotion that likely exists in you. It is easy to make a mistake, just as so in pointing your finger and claiming moral righteousness.

It’s easy to disassociate, you’re not putting in real effort. The harder thing is to recognize that people are not reflexively all-encompassing.

Bill Cosby helped communities, fathered and raised millions of Americans in principle. He is a rapist.

Weinstein created countless classics and amazing films. He helped established an American zeitgeist and culture for multiple decades. He is also a rapist, monster, and coward.

That is not to say that those men are excused from their actions. It is to say, however, we should be treating an increasingly complicated world with thoughtfulness beyond 280 characters.

I think we’re drawing this distinct line for everyone because it’s the first encounter of nuance existing en masse dictating character. Back then, people could be idyllic & uncompromising. Lost are the bygone eras of absolute truths and unconflicted protagonists in our lives; we’re struggling to understand that.

I totally understand, we’ve never had to do it before–but this is not the way to hold people responsible. We can do better.

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